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In the mid 1960’s, mining engineering at universities in Canada was suffering and Toronto University closed its school.  In 1964, Mr. Bradfield, Chairman of Noranda, was asked to form a committee to study and resolve the problem.  The result was the raising of funds sufficient to persuade F.T.M. White to come from the University of Brisbane in Australia.

Professor White started a program that graduated 63 post graduate engineers.  This, together with the real contribution that he made in the promotion of mining education in Canada, resolved the problem.

Professor White died in 1971 and this led to a major change in the plans of the Canadian Mineral Industry Education Foundation.  The post graduate program was phased out and replaced with undergraduate scholarships at all Canadian universities offering first class mining courses.

The Foundation set up the F.T.M. White Award to honour Professor White for his outstanding contribution to mining education in Canada.  Today, the CMIEF bears the cost of this scholarship.


Please note this award is given out at the discretion of the Chairman. If you are interested in obtaining this award, please let us know in your letter outlining your career aspirations in your original application.

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