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Please complete this form to be eligible for a CMIEF scholarship.

The CMIEF team will contact you if you have qualified for a scholarship.

Current Address

Permanent Address (i)

(leave blank if same than current address)

(i) if different from current and confirmation of postal address for possible future mailing

Are you a Canadian Citizen
Are you a permanent resident?

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Current Education

Course of Study (check one)


Record below your program through to graduation, as to when you will be at university and when you will be on a work term e.g. Work Term (W) or Academic (A):

May-Aug 2024
Sept-Dec 2024
Jan-Apr 2025
May-Aug 2025
Sept-Dec 2025
Jan-Apr 2026
May-Aug 2026
Sept-Dec 2026
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Thank you! We will contact you if you have been selected to receive a CMIEF scholarship.

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